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Quotes that Uh Huh Her most likely really, really actually said, now in the fabulous and progressive image format known as .gif!

This blog was created by the same guy who brought you Cameursym. Golly gee Wally, is this fun or what? You know it is!!

This blog is obviously totally not even remotely serious. Everyone knows that, right? Well, you'd be surprised because apparently some people actually believe what they read in gifs on Tumblr. Don't be that guy/gal or you'll just get sarcastic remarks. ):
Check out Cameurysm for a wholesome good time, exploring the vast, yet surprisingly intuitive mind of a Camila Grey fanboy.
This explains so much.
crack-gretchen inquires :I don't know if you're just joking around but you need to make it clear that you've made up these UHH quotes, otherwise you're being very disrespectful to the band.


Exclusive never before seen UHH interview!

For those of you who were wondering where that last gifset was from…

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